E-One Cyclone II Engine/Rescue with a 2000 GPM Hale pump with a Pneumax CAFS system.  This Engine has a 970 gallon water tank and a 30 gallon class-A foam tank.  This Engine has a full complement of Rescue equipment including two pre-connected hydraulic tools (spreader and cutter) and a portable simo-unit to which two more hydraulic tools can be connected.  Also this Engine may have two hydraulic Rams, a strut system by Resque-Tech, a cutting torch, air tools, wooden cribbing and synthetic plastic cribbing.   We will like to carries 1,400 feet of 5” hose, 500 feet of 3” hose, 4 pre-connected hand lines (2 CAFS, 2 Water) and 2 front bumper hand lines (1 CAFS, 1 Water).  This Engine may be equipet with seating for 8 and also equipped with 7 Scott NxG2 air-packs.

Sutphen Mini-Tower with a 100+ foot tower ladder.  CVFC1 Truck will have a full complement of ground ladders and in addition, a 1,500 GPM Hale pump with 300 gallons of water.  This truck will have 4 saws on board (1 Partner Circular, 2 Cutter’s Edge and 1 Husqvarna chain), a full set of hand tools in the bucket and numerous pike poles and hooks.  This Truck also may carries 1,000 feet of 5” hose, 800 feet of 3” hose and 2 pre-connected hand lines.  With a proper supply of water, CVFC1 Truck could flow 1,500 GPM from the two nozzles in the bucket (750 GPM from each nozzle).  This ladder Truck has seating for 6 and is equipped with 5 Scott NxG2 air-packs..

E-One Engine with a 1,250 GPM Hale pump.  This Engine may have a 1,000 gallon water tank and has 1,000 feet of 5” hose and 500 feet of 3” hose.  Engine may have 4 pre-connected hand lines.  This Engine could used mainly for fill sites after the arrival of the Puerto Rico Fire Department Engine arrive, but could be second due on crashes if we equipted  with a portable hydraulic simo unit a combo (spreader/cutter) tool.  This Engine may also seat 5 and is equipped with 4 Scott NxG2 air-packs.


Modern building with enough space for the engines, trucks, SUV's and the radio communication dispatcher. We also like to have a type of building that help us to host training, meetings and or classes.


UTILITY, SUV, Officer Car 

Ford Excursion.  This unit is primarily used for the officers, and for personnel transport.  This Utility SUV will also be utilized as a command vehicle from time to time and for fire prevention. This Utility SUV has seating for 8.



Ford F-550 Guardian mini-pumper with a Odin Kodiak CAFS pump.  Mini pump may havea 250 gallon water tank and a 10 gallon class-A foam tank.  CVFC1 ttack mini pump will have a complement of wild land firefighting tools as well as medical equipment for running medical calls.  CVFC1 1st-Attack Utility truck will also be a first due structural fire truck in case of inclement weather.  CVFC1 Attack mini pump may have seating for 5 with 3 Scott NxG2 air-packs. Mani estras.

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